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Top Quality Rust Proofing uses state of the art technology from Europe - , Waxoyl Professional Rust Proofing System. Our highly trained team uses this two-part system to protect the entire undercarriage of your vehicle and inside the cavity of the vehicle's doors, fenders, hood, trunk, tailgate...the entire body. We use a hard wax for the undercarriage, which will not chip off, or wash off - for life! We use a soft wax for the cavity of the vehicle. Full protection for life!

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NH Oil Undercoating

We also use cutting edge technology in rust proofing with NH Oil Undercoating. This undercoating product not only stops rust from further accumulation, but it also prevents it as well. On top of that, the protection is very durable and solvent-free. As long as you apply it on a regular basis, you can rest assured that rust will no longer be an issue for your vehicle. Also, you can use it just as effectively for both cars and trucks as well. The best thing about this undercoating protection is that it’s eco-friendly and it uses non-toxic nonhazardous unregulated ingredients. Other than that, this undercoating product also does not conduct electricity and will have very minimal dripping. This product will creep and migrate deep into the body cavities, spot welds seams and folds giving you protection and the most vulnerable spots. This product is available in clear or black which will improve the appearance of a rusty surface substantially.

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Endorsed Internationally

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 Waxoyl Is Globally Endorsed

Protect Your Vehicle With Waxoyl!

*One application protects for the life of most vehicles  - NO MORE ANNUAL TREATMENTS
*Chemically fights corrosion
*Will not drip or collect dirt
*Creeps and penetrates
*Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
*Tough flexible barrier seals out elements
*2-Part system protects the entire vehicle from inside out
*Saves time and money over the life of the vehicle

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