Here's what our customers have to say about us

Laura W.

"Incredible owners that went above and beyond with an extensive and thorough explanation of the process and product. I did plenty of research and hands down this is the product and place to receive a complete rustproofing. Any other undercoating is substandard. This type of undercoating is only found on OEM luxury vehicles and when completed my 3 year old pickup underneath looked fantastic and protected beyond compare. The most important aspect was that the owners were nothing short of open, honest and friendly."

Jim C.

"I have been looking for a good Company that matched Ziebart quality. Top Quality Rust Proofing exceeded my expectations!!! One application protects your vehicle for life. I faithfully pay my local garage $150 a year to get my car undercoated. So a one time application of their Waxoly system is both a time and money saver."

Jordan M.

"Initially found this place when searching for a dedicated undercoating shop. Glad I did, pleasant experience fast, they contacted Enterprise for me so I could get to work and back while they treated under my truck. Jody, was able to shop around and find me new tires ,with a rebate, for significantly less than expected. The undercoating came out amazingly, and I no longer have anxiety about my 2014 rotting out from the new salt brines that stick for months after winter. Waxoyl dried on I can work on and touch everywhere it was applied without ANY of it coming off onto me or making maintenance a pain. They offer a lifetime warranty on the coating and will touch up any areas or parts you’ve changed. The interior of the panels is treated with a soft wax to stop rot and rust from starting there. It’s really not an option if you want to keep a vehicle that you drive in the winter. It’s mandatory. Trust them and invest."

Amanda C. 

"Living in NH, rust is a big concern on vehicles. Rust proofing is a perfect way to protect your car and maintain it's value! Andy is such a friendly guy and I highly recommend him and this service!"

Mike B. 

"They did a good job rust proofing our 2020 Honda CR-V. Might seem expensive however their WaxOyl product appears to be top notch and it's one and done. They guarantee their product and will check and touch-up years to come. This family owned business has me sold on this product."


"The quality of the technicians and their workmanship is simply amazing. This product is also completely different than the oil undercoating that I have used in the past."

Joe F.

"Very professional/clean shop and very nice people. I had my f150 NH oil/ waxoyl under coated by them. The job was completed in the time frame I was given and they did the job right. I will be going back for future work. They were the only shop around that did the waxoyl/NH oil combo which I think is worth the extra cost. They Exceeded my Expectations 😀 "