NH Oil Undercoating

The leading undercoating specialists for annual applications. NH Oil Undercoating is a dependable product that has been in the New England area for many years.

How it works

Unlike paint or conventional undercoating,  our oil penetrates through rust to the base metal. Our oil is self-healing, designed to displace moisture and remove oxygen. Take either out of the equation and oxidation cannot occur. Our corrosion inhibitors will then fight rust on a chemical level. Our oil is formulated to penetrate deep into seams, body cavities and spot welds, creating a barrier against the elements in an environment prone to hold moisture and conducive for corrosion.

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What is NH Oil Undercoating® made from?

 NH Oil Undercoating® is a highly refined food-grade mineral oil product. formulated with the environment in mind, NH Oil Undercoating is a nonhazardous unregulated product. It causes no health or flammability hazards.  The technical term is resolute oil otherwise known as mineral oil. It is a food-safe grade oil, which means you can consume it in small quantities. Of course I’m not encouraging you to try. However, we had a customer call last year whose pet dog did just that. The only adverse reaction was loose stool! No solvents and no detergents. Corrosion inhibitors are all green and environmentally friendly.

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