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Media Blasting

Media blasting is a process that uses pressurized air to shoot pieces of an abrasive material out of a nozzle. The force of the blasting media can strip paint, rust, or other blemishes from the target. Think of it as pressure washing with small particles instead of (or in addition to) water. 
Media blasting can strip paint without damaging the base material, even if it's plastic and wood, and smooth out pitting on the hardest of metals. The technique's utility extends to other home projects, including stripping old bike frames and metal lawn furniture, and even removing calcium deposits from tiles.

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Dustless Sand Blasting

Dustless Blasting is a revolutionary paint stripping and cleaning system that can remove virtually any coating from any surface. ... Blast More Efficiently - Dustless Blasters are designed to combine water and abrasive so that you can clean and strip your surfaces while consuming less media per job. Abrasive blasting uses various materials to strip imperfections, paint, rust and other contaminants from a surface. It's an important step in surface coating preparation, as it cleans a substrate and creates a surface that will hold a protective coating.

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