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The barrier protection of Waxoyl never fully hardens and on a hot day can self-heal scratches and chips. Waxoyl will never aid and abed corrosion by trapping salt and moisture between the barrier and what it is protecting, unlike any other. Not only will this protection prevent corrosion, it will stop it in its' tracks. Waxoyl cavity protection creeps and penetrates deep into seems, which is crucial as half the corrosion issues originate on the inside of the vehicle cavities. 


The Hardwax for the underbody creates a tough, flexible barrier combined with superior corrosion fighting chemicals for superior protection. Waxoyl with not damage seals, plastics, wiring, or rubbers, and actually works as a sealant/lubricant for window tracks and an insulator to electrical connections.



#1 Rust Protection Technology in the World 

We searched for the best product to protect our customers vehicles and save them money. Waxoyl is a 'one and done' application.  ​​​​​​​

We treat our customers like family and will protect their vehicles as if they were our own. This technology combined with the specialized training of our technicians, will offer that quality of service.

Watch Video of Waxoyl being applied